Not every game would give you the real world game experience. For example, the farming games would all let you sow the seeds, water the plants and then cut the crops and then sell it in the market. These sort of games would not let you get exposed to the real world problems of hiring the farmers to sow the seeds and harvest the crops. Also, the transport challenges are also not seen in these games. Thus, not just in the farming games, even in the war genre games you would not feel the realistic experience. Hence, you should choose the games that represent the real world games like the football which would demand you to use the brain and apply the strategies that you learn in the training period.

Once you install the game from  you should start communicating with the AI teammates who would be able to coordinate and collaborate with you to enjoy the realistic game experience. All that you should do is to assess the skills that each of the teammates have with respect to the understanding on the game rules, experience of applying the strategies that are called out by the captain of the team. Of course, such skills could be highlighted per player by the game software that you installed. At the time of logging in to the game you should better list out the skills that you feel proud of having in you.
This information would be sufficient enough for the rest of the team members to collaborate with you and then decide on the actions that should be sequenced so as to win the game by doing the goals or by stopping the opponents in making the goals. Don’t you think this way of decision making process would also be there in the real game?

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