At some point car battery needs replacement.

  • According to mechanics car batteries are intended to serve for 2 to 5 years.
  • This depends on battery type, vehicle, climate, and driving habits.

Even if you choose the best car battery brand for replacement its cost will depend on many factors.

Battery types

  • Wet cell batteries are cheaper
  • Calcium-calcium batteries need care in charging.
  • VRLA technology uses safety valves to eliminate fluid loss issue, so drives price up.
  • Deep cell batteries are durable and pricey.
  • Lithium ion batteries are the most expensive types used for high performance cars.

Other factors which impact the cost

Battery size

  • You can check into the car’s manufacturer manual.

Reserve capacity

  • It represent the time battery is capable to supply voltage in case alternator fails or belt breaks.
  • High reserve capacity means more it will cost.

Amp hour capacity

  • Amp hour capacity indicates the amount of energy battery delivers over time span of twenty hours at 80 ° without collapsing down to 10.5 V.
  • High amp hour’s increases battery cost.

CCA rating

  • Cold cranking amps determines how battery starts in cold climate.
  • High CCA means more power is needed, which drains the battery’s starting power, in due course.
  • High CCA rating costs more.

Battery installation cost

  • Mechanic charges will depend on battery’s location and time taken for installation.
  • You may be fortunate to get free installation, if battery is purchased from specific auto-part stores.

Make sure to take warning signs of dying battery seriously and start saving for replacement. Finally, choose the right battery!

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